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i am (still) a middle-aged-going-on-13 mother of two beautiful and intelligent daughters who have gone away to college. i live with my poet in a little old pink cottage in a small city in kansas. i disguise myself as a university employee each day, but in reality i am an artist, a dreamer and a wanderer.

my official journal can be found h e r e ( - why does typepad make that bad link?), but i keep this one somewhat active to post new images and announcements and to link to my favorite typepad journals. who knows? maybe i will someday use it full time...


abandoned buildings, acid green, alleys, altered books, art, art quilts, artist, attics, balconies, beeswax, birds, black tights, boots, braids, cemeteries, cemetery sculpture, collage, contentment, cool air, courtyards, creativity, crumbling paint, deconstruction, decrepit, dimlight, dreaming, escape, falling-down towns, flaco jimenez, flamenco, floating curtains, fluevog angels, flying away, fragmentation, french quarter, frida, geek, gesso, ghost trucks, hairtwisting, handwork, hiking, holga, hope, kindness, lace, long hair, looking, mexico, mother, my daughters, my poet, nag champa, new orleans, old cities, old texas stuff, old things, painting, paper ephemera, patti smith, peace, petticoats, photography, pinhole, polaroids, possibilities, rags, reconstruction, red wine, road trips, scribbles, secret gardens, shredded curtains, silliness, sleep, stitches, stone buildings, stormy weather, strange poetry, textiles, texture, thick flannel duvets, tish hinojosa, toy cameras, travel, truth, vanilla, velvet, wabi sabi, wandering, zinnias